Let’s whip your novel into shape.

You’ve written and revised your novel to the best of your ability, and now you want guidance to help bring it to the next level. That’s where I come in.

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What's on offer?

Developmental editing

A developmental edit is all about helping you identify and solve the big-picture storytelling issues in a completed draft of your book.

Learn more about developmental editing.

Manuscript critique

A manuscript critique provides you with general guidance on the big-picture storytelling aspects of your novel. I’ll explain what is and isn’t working and highlight the areas that need the most attention.

Learn more about manuscript critiques.

Line and copy-editing

This sentence-level editing checks your manuscript for errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling. As well as that, I’ll make sure readers don’t stumble over awkward sentences or misinterpret ambiguous phrases.

Learn more about line and copy-editing.

Add-on: Proofreading

This is the very last thing that should be done to your text – it’s the final check for any lingering typographical errors. We’ll send your manuscript to someone else for this, as a fresh pair of eyes is of paramount importance at this stage.

Add-on: Submissions package guidance

If you’re planning to submit your novel to agents and publishers, I can help you refine your your query letter and synopsis.

Add-on: Blurb writing or review

If you’re planning to independently publish, I can help you create and refine the back-cover blurb for your book, which is a crucial element of your marketing.

As a writer, working with you has been the best thing that’s happened to me […] I want to add my relief and happiness that you ‘got’ what I was trying to do; you didn’t just edit the words; you understood the concepts and your feedback helped me to tighten everything up and make it so much better, both in terms of subtext and style.

Gina Maya

I’ve worked with Sophie on three full-length novels. She tries to maintain the author’s voice as much as possible and has a great eye for detail – she’s not afraid of pushing you to make the best of your writing. I really don’t know where I’d be without her guidance in shaping my stories, or sharpening up those rough edges!

Rexx Deane


I’ve edited 200+ manuscripts since becoming an editor in 2011. Here are just a handful of books I’ve worked on. For each, I’ve either provided creative guidance or sentence-level editing (or both).

Dan Hook – Displaced

Arron Owen – Children of the Glyph

Tony Faggioli – One Plus One

Lorna Reid – Darkwalkers

Lorna Reid – Rise of the Reaper

Aaron D. Key – Herai

Charles Maclean – Unforgettable

L. J. McIntyre – Social

Gwydion Roberts – Utopia in Danzig

Ian Rilke – The Emperor’s Gift

Philippa Comber – Ariadne’s Thread

Sean Adams – Darkness Falls

Alison Ingleby – Expendables

Rexx Deane – Synthesis:Weave Afterglow

Tash Bell – To Hell in a Hot Tub

Ben Ellis – In a Right State

Tony Faggioli – One Gray Day

Tony Faggioli – The Snow Globe

Frequently asked questions

This will depend on the type and number of services you commission me for. Get in touch for a no-obligation quotation (when I’m accepting projects again).

Again, this will depend on the type and number of services you book me for – and how many authors have booked me in.

Because I can only work with a small number of authors at a time, please be aware there might be a bit of a wait before we can start work together. Typically, I spend 3–6 weeks on a manuscript at a time.

Yes, that’s not a problem. Creative feedback is generally universal, and I can adapt any sentence-level editing to suit the conventions of the country in which you intend to publish.

Not directly. Generally, I recommend you find a literary agent to help you with this, but I can provide you with some resources that might help you with your search. However, I can help you refine your materials for submission (your query letter, synopsis and sample chapters).

Not directly, but I give my Independent Publishing Guide to clients who are planning to go down this route, and I can point you in the direction of any other service providers you might need (such as cover designers). I can also help you write your back-cover blurb – a crucial bit of marketing for your book!

I offer lots of free advice on my blog, so check that out. I also highly recommend you read Write to Be Published by Nicola Morgan.

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