Line and Copy-Editing

Addressing grammar, punctuation, spelling and consistency errors & helping your writing flow.

This is a sentence-level edit that checks your manuscript for errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling. As well as that, I’ll make sure readers don’t stumble over awkward sentences or misinterpret ambiguous phrases.

This type of editing should only happen once you’re completely satisfied with your story as a whole. You should make no more big-picture revisions after your book has been through a line and copy-edit, otherwise more editing will have to be done and previously edited pages will have to be scrapped (wasting time and money).

The aim of this service is to make sure your novel meets high editorial standards and to help you strengthen and elevate the artistry of your prose.

I’m really glad I chose you to edit this project. Your feedback blows out of the water what I received from my last editor!

Meg Cowley

Thanks so much for the fantastic job you’ve done. You have dark arts! My story reads so much better now … I’d call it seamless copy-editing, but it’s more like a MIGHTY feat of invisible mending.

Tash Bell

Both stylistically and technically your observations and suggestions were superb. An excellent, comprehensive job – I shall certainly use your services again!

Henry Layte

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