Developmental Editing

Helping you identify and solve the big-picture issues in a completed draft of your book.

With a developmental edit, all the major elements of a novel are taken into consideration: plot, story, characterisation, structure, tension, theme, genre, narrative style and so on.

Feedback on your novel is presented as an extensive written report, sometimes accompanied by a spreadsheet that breaks down the structure of your novel, and sometimes accompanied by notes in the manuscript itself – depending on what your novel needs.

Ironically, not much (if any) changes are made to the actual manuscript during a developmental edit, despite the name. Instead, the reins are handed back to you, the author, to implement the advice as you see fit.

The aim of this service is to help you make sure your premise is strong, your structure is sound, and you’ve used the best techniques to create a compelling and impactful narrative.

You have been a star, have put up with me with grace and have completed everything and more with style and candour. I hope to work with you again and look forward to it.

Paul Meccano

Your feedback was written really constructively. You were interested in me as a writer and what I had to say. I realised I was working with someone, rather than just taking feedback from someone.

Gina Maya

REALLY looking forward to working with you again. I love your editing style and your comments are always informative, lovely, and often a boost!

Lorna Reid

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