Developmental Editing

Comprehensive feedback for authors determined to write their best novel.

You have a complete manuscript, written and revised to the best of your ability, but you want insight and guidance before self-publishing or pitching to agents/publishers.

Your feedback was written really constructively. You were interested in me as a writer and what I had to say. I realised I was working with someone, rather than just taking feedback from someone.

Gina Maya

Why Choose a Liminal Pages Developmental Edit?

Expert Knowledge

I’ve studied creative writing and literature to Masters level, so I truly understand what goes into a great piece of fiction. By working with me, you’ll benefit from my juicy word-saturated brain.

Objective Guidance

I won’t tell you how I want you to write your novel. No, my role is to help you write the novel you want to write, while keeping publishability in mind. I’m like a compass in human form, pointing you in the right direction.

Non-Prescriptive Approach

I’m not going to ask you to force your novel into a box. It’s called creative writing for a reason. If you’ve done things a little differently, I’ll assess whether it works (and works for your readership) before I suggest doing things more conventionally.

Genuine Empathy

I want nothing more than to make you the happiest author ever. Your success is my success. Your happiness is my happiness. And if that sounds a bit trite, oh well! I can’t help it. I’m your advocate.

Sophie edits with a gentle but meticulous hand – adding sparkle to a writer’s words without damaging their authorial voice. Highly recommended.

Louise Harnby

Okay, So Here’s How It Works

  1. STAGE ONE: Developmental analysis

    Use the form below to request a developmental edit. I’ll send you a questionnaire to ask you for more details about your book and your intentions.

    If I feel we’re a good creative fit, I’ll first conduct a full developmental analysis of your novel. This includes a spreadsheet that breaks your novel down into each scene, with structural and content analysis, and a PDF report that usually runs to 20–30 pages, with examples pulled from your novel and lots of teaching materials and links to further reading. This stage will take me up to four months, depending on my schedule.

  2. STAGE TWO: Full manuscript edit of your revised novel (optional)

    Once you’ve reviewed my feedback and got an idea of how long your revisions might take you, I recommend booking me in for the next stage of the edit (otherwise I might be fully booked by the time you’ve finished revising). You’ll then revise your novel based on the feedback that resonates with you.

    I’ll then go through your revised manuscript line by line, looking at how effective your revisions are, with attention to narrative style, point of view, sentence structure, voice, grammar, punctuation – everything. This will take me about a month from our agreed start date.

  3. STAGE THREE: Polish and prepare (optional)

    You’ll do any last bits of rewriting or revision while checking over all my line-level suggestions. The manuscript will really be taking shape now! At this point, we’ll also discuss booking in your proofread, if you decide to have one.

    If you’re planning to self-publish, I will oversee a professional proofread of your final manuscript. (We’ll be sending your manuscript to someone else for this as a fresh pair of eyes is of paramount importance at this stage.) This will probably take about two to three weeks. At the same time, I’ll assist you with your blurb development. You’ll also receive a resources document that will include my tips for successful self-publishing.

    If you’re planning to pitch your novel to agents/publishers, I’ll assist you with your submissions package. This includes a proofread of your first 5k words, and guidance on writing your covering letter and synopsis. This will take up to two weeks.

You have been a star, have put up with me with grace and have completed everything and more with style and candour. I hope to work with you again and look forward to it.

Paul Meccano

Things You Might Be Wondering …

How long will all this take?

If you go through all of the stages outline above and it takes you an average of two months to complete each of the two revisions stages, we can expect to be working together for 8–14 months, depending on my schedule. This is a serious commitment to your writing, and I will be working with several authors in this way throughout the year.

Why are some of the stages optional?

A couple of reasons. Firstly, we might come to the mutual realisation that the novel you’ve submitted to this process needs such an extensive rehaul that you might want to start over – though this possibility is unlikely. Secondly, it depends what you want from the process, and your budget. I’m happy to be flexible in this way.

Why don’t you work with every author who wants a developmental edit?

A full developmental edit is such a long-term and deeply creative process that it’s in both our best interests that I connect with you and your work and that I think I can truly help you. I need to know quite a lot about your manuscript and your creative aims to be able to judge this, which is why I want to know so much about your novel before I commit to working with you.

What’s the difference between a developmental edit and a manuscript critique?

Depth and amount of guidance. A manuscript critique provides you with a slightly broader analysis of your novel in the form of an editorial report; you’re then left to revise the novel on your own. A full developmental edit provides you with a longer, more detailed editorial report as well as a structural overview analysis of your novel, and a second round of revision-checking and line-level editing. Usually you will only need one of these services. Choose based on your own preference or budget!

Okay, Let’s Crunch the Numbers

Developmental Analysis – for novels up to 100,000 words (+£15 per additional thousand words)£1700
Full Edit (per 1,000 words)£20
Proofreading (per 1,000 words)£10
Blurb Development£50
Submission Package Edit£150

For an average project, we can expect to be working together for 8–12 months, with the total fee somewhere around £4–5,000 if you go through every stage.

Request a Developmental Edit

Fill out the form below to tell me a little about your novel. I’ll aim to get back to you within two working days.