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Create a brand and website that gets you noticed

Creating a website for your editorial business can feel overwhelming. This course takes you through the process, from branding to launch, so you end up with a beautifully designed, client-converting website.

‘Good enough’ isn’t good enough

Have you got what it takes to be successful?

If you cobble together a website that feels ‘good enough’, you’ll probably still be able to attract enough clients to earn a comfortable living – if you’re doing everything else right, of course.

But why make things harder for yourself?

The better your business and the better your website, the more people will want to hire you. Invest effort now and you’ll reap the benefits for years to come.

Of course, not everyone has thousands of pounds to spend on professional brand design and website development. So the DIY route is often the way to go. That doesn’t mean your website has to look as though it was created by an amateur, though …

The foundations most editorial businesses lack …

Finding good clients can be a challenge, but what many editorial business owners fail to realise is that before you dive into marketing techniques and strategies, it all starts with brand.

Or at least, it should.

Branding is the foundation of not just your website, but every decision you make about your business – from your business name to how you sign off your emails. It’s way more than logo design and font choice. It’s about making people feel how you want them to feel about your business.

About the course

This course is for …

  • New freelance editors who want to start off on the right foot. When you’re starting out, there’s so much to think about! You’re daunted by the enormity of the task of setting up a website – and all the branding decisions that come with it. This course will help you figure it all out.
  • Established freelance editors who already have a website … but know it could be better. Perhaps you threw your website together a decade ago and know it’s well overdue a refresh. Or perhaps you hired someone (let’s be honest – cheap) and the site they made for you isn’t what you’d hoped. This course will show you want you need to do to improve what you have.
  • Established freelance editors who feel unenthusiastic about the type of work or client that comes their way, or who know they should be making more money. Most of your work comes from a handful of the same clients, and you don’t really enjoy the jobs they offer you – and they don’t pay that well either. You need to take a critical look at the foundations of your business, then recalibrate your website (or build one from scratch if you don’t yet have one).

How the course works

My online courses are hosted on Teachable. You’ll have instant access and can work through each written module at your own pace. Throughout the course, there will be tasks for you to complete. These build on each other so that by the end of the course, you’ll have a beautifully designed and highly effective professional website.

By the end of the course, you’ll have an editorial website that appeals to the kind of clients you want to work with, bringing you more work and a greater sense of professional fulfilment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several ways to build a website. The method I recommend in this course takes into account that you aren’t a professional graphic designer or web developer, and that you’re working with a budget. The best websites need input from several kinds of specialists, a budget of thousands, and months of build time. So no, unfortunately you probably won’t be able to create the best website in the world, but you’ll certainly be able to create something that looks great and does what you need it to do.

Getting your website in a good place won’t automatically lead to an infinite stream of work. People still have to find your website – and that’s where your marketing efforts come in. Having a website isn’t a marketing strategy in and of itself – your marketing efforts often lead people to your website. But once they’re there? Now they’ll be more likely to stick around – and hire you.

Absolutely not. A little bit of coding know-how might help you make tweaks to your website, but I’m going to talk about ways you can set up a website without writing a lick of code.

It depends how fast you work! The branding side of things might take you a couple of hours or a couple of weeks – depending on how deep you want to dive. I’d say it takes at least a full week to build your website from scratch, but you don’t have to do it all in one go of course.

No, so please purchase mindfully! I like to think I’ve included enough detail for you to make an informed decision about whether this course is right for you, but if you’re still hesitant about buying, feel free to email me first.

Calm it, Kermit. Shoot me an email at and I’ll get back to you.

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