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Developmental Editing: Fiction Theory

What you need to know to help authors improve their novels

Want to help authors improve their novels and earn money doing it? It sounds like you want to start offering developmental editing services. In this online course, I’ll teach you how to assess and strengthen a manuscript.

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Developmental Editing: In Practice

How to conduct your professional service and work with clients

Knowing how a manuscript can be improved is one thing, but offering developmental editing as a professional service is another. In this course, we’ll look at how to carry out the critiquing and developmental editing of novels.

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Tea and Commas: The Foundations of Line and Copy-Editing Fiction

What you need to know to start offering sentence-level fiction editing

A self-study online course that teaches you how to line and copy-edit fiction. We’ll look at the practical side of on-screen mark up as well as the nuances of what to change (and what not to change) in an author’s manuscript.

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The Visible Editor

Create a brand and website that gets you noticed

A self-paced online course. No amount of marketing your editorial business will help you find more (and better) clients if you don’t have the right foundations in place. Learn how to create a strong brand and professional website.

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