Crafting Beautiful Prose (Webinar)

Practical tips for creating lyricism in your writing

Do you dream of writing beautiful, original prose that makes your readers sigh with delight? This 50-minute webinar (plus workbook) will provide you with practical tips and insights into how you can elevate the artistry of your creative writing.

Voice, originality and style ... are skills you can develop

You don’t have to be born with it!

Creativity is a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. With the strategies and exercises discussed in this webinar, you’ll learn how to write with more beauty and originality.

Examples … unpacked

We’ll look at plenty of examples and analyse exactly what makes the writing so darn beautiful. You’ll come away with more tools in your writing toolbox – ones that, once you understand them, will become second nature to your writing practice.

Balance understanding with emotion

It’s not all study and principles. Creativity is about emotion! To write something that makes people feel something powerful, you need to channel those powerful emotions into your writing. We’ll explore how.

About the webinar

This webinar is for …

    • Writers wanting to bring more lyricism to their sentences. Perhaps you feel your writing is a bit flat or a bit functional. Yet you dream of writing something poetic and powerful, something a little more literary perhaps. This webinar will show you how.
      • Editors who work at the sentence level. Rather than simply correcting typos and addressing mechanical issues related to grammar and punctuation, you want to help your clients really elevate their prose. This webinar will give you strategies to share with your clients, as well as provide you with plenty of ideas for making specific suggestions to a piece of creative writing.

How the webinar works

My online courses and webinars are hosted on Teachable. You’ll have instant access to the 50-minute video (subtitles available) and you can also download the associated workbook.

Elevate the artistry of your sentences

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