Editorial Appraisal

An assessment and edit of your first 5,000 words to point you in the right direction.

Not ready for a full critique or edit? Ideal for new novelists, this service provides you with insights into the effectiveness of your novel’s opening and detailed feedback on your writing style. I’ll also let you know what I think your next move should be in your writing/publishing journey.

Issues Addressed in an Editorial Appraisal

An Editorial Appraisal helps you understand where your novel-writing skills stand in the grand scheme of things. I’ll address:

  • The effectiveness of your opening hook
  • How well your protagonist is introduced
  • Momentum and pacing
  • Balance of information and action
  • Effectiveness of your chosen style of narration (e.g. first-person, past tense)
  • Vividness and balance of setting and description
  • Word choice and sentence structure
  • Dialogue mechanics and technique
  • Basic point-of-view issues
  • Author tics (e.g. overused words)
  • Whether your writing might be considered ‘publishable quality’
  • Next steps (e.g. learn more about a specific technique, redraft, submit to agents)

Your feedback was written really constructively. You were interested in me as a writer and what I had to say. I realised I was working with someone, rather than just taking feedback from someone.

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Why Choose a Liminal Pages Editorial Appraisal?


Investing in whole-manuscript editing can be a pricey affair, but with an editorial appraisal, you’ll get a professional opinion on your manuscript without breaking the bank.


It’s so hard to assess the level of your own writing skill. An outside opinion can help you feel assured you aren’t being overly confident or damningly depreciative of your abilities.

Provides Direction

I won’t leave you wondering what to do next. Once I’ve assessed your writing, I’ll let you know what I think your next best move will be, so you can move forward with confidence.

Empathy & Sensitivity

It can be scary asking for feedback. But I’m in your corner. I promise to treat your writing with the utmost sensitivity while always focussing on helping you become a better writer.

Sophie edits with a gentle but meticulous hand – adding sparkle to a writer’s words without damaging their authorial voice. Highly recommended.

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Okay, So Here’s How It Works

  1. Request an editorial appraisal

    Use the form below to request an editorial appraisal and to tell me a bit about your novel and publishing intentions.

  2. Agree the schedule

    I’ll email you back to let you know when I have time in my schedule to conduct your editorial appraisal. If my timeframe works for you, let me know and at the same time send me your novel’s first 5,000 words as a Word document.

  3. Wait for me to do my thing

    My feedback will be presented as a short PDF report, with comments and edits made directly to your manuscript file too. I’ll send all this to you by the agreed-upon date along with the invoice for payment. And that’s it!

You have been a star, have put up with me with grace and have completed everything and more with style and candour. I hope to work with you again and look forward to it.

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Request an Editorial Appraisal

£299 for 5,000 words

Fill out the form below to tell me a little about your novel. I’ll aim to get back to you within two working days.